Tver State Medical Academy

Tver State Medical Academy- MBBS Admission in Russia


Tver State Medical Academy opens up in 1902 when the courses for dental students were arranged. In 1936 the Leningrad Dental Institute was founded. In 1954 by the decision of the Soviet government the Institute was transferred from Leningrad to the city of Kalinin (now Tver). For more than 70 years the Tver State Medical University has been playing a leading role in the development of medical science and training of medical practitioners and scientists Today it is the largest medical scientific, research and educational centre, noted for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a brilliant teaching staff. Tver State Medical University has over 6000 beds in 10 various hospitals, including specialized hospitals for oncology, tuberculosis, infectious, skin and sexual transmitted diseases.



  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental Medicine
  • Faculty of Pediatrics
  • Pharmaceutical Faculty
  • Faculty of Advanced Nursing Education
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Studies


Tuition Fee 1st Year 2nd-6th Year Total Fee
Per Year 7000 USD
(455000 INR approx)
7000 $ x 5= 35000 USD
(2275000 INR)
42000 USD
(2730000 INR approx)
Package 490,000‬ 2,940,000‬ INR

* USD=INR (approx for calculation) Actual rate at the time of fees payment will be calculated.


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