The International School, Bangalore

The International School | Top Boarding School in Bangalore


TISB has a thriving boarding community which makes up a quarter of our pupils, some of whose parents live abroad and some who live in Bangalore but choose to board. Boarding at TISB is a great way to take advantage of all that the School has to offer, both from an academic point of view as well as the numerous clubs and activities on offer after the school day.

Boarders live in one of three boarding houses, each one being staffed by experienced House staff with the boarding houses rapidly becoming a happy home-from-home and fellow boarders becoming an extended family. Boarders are encouraged to achieve their true potential and develop valuable skills and qualities such as communication, teamwork, leadership, empathy and cultural understanding.

In the boarding community at TISB maintain an open environment of mutual trust with each boarder and member of staff being treated with respect and as an individual. Strong community values are nurtured regardless of age, race, religion or social background. Boarders are encouraged to take care of each other and their ‘home’ and respect each person’s right to privacy. Of equal importance is the recognition that each person is unique and a development of individual talents is positively encouraged.


  • Discovery Center
  • English language lab
  • Storytelling corner
  • IT resource center
  • Music and dance room
  • Activity arcade,
  • Child’s creativity corner
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming pools
  • Billiard room
  • Badminton and basketball court.


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