Shri B M Patil Medical College, Hospital & Research Centre, Vijayapura

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The Bijapur Lingayat District Educational Association (BLDEA) was established in the year 1910. It is a not for profit organization catering to the educational needs of under priviliged children and widening educational opportunities. Promoting religious, scientific and general literature is one of the important objective of the Association. BLDEA aims to achieve this objective by establishing schools, colleges and free student hostels for poor students. The Association with a rich history of more than a century is dedicating for multi-literary development through its wide educational and cultural institutions network.

Lower strata of the society and poor are the association’s target group. BLDEA has successfully completed its 100 years of fruitful, influential and proud existence. Presently 75 institutions are functionong under the aegis of BLDEA in various streams starting from primary, secondary, high schools to PU Colleges, Autonomous Arts, Science & Commerce Degree Colleges, Engineering College, Medical College, Business Schools, Pharmacy College, Nursing College and professional instittutions like Colleges of Education, Polytechnics & BLDE University. Thus, the Association has contributed significantly in development of educational sector to the country.



  • Facility of General Medicine
  • Facility of Library
  • Facility of Cafeteria
  • Facility of Hostel
  • Facility of Sports Complex
  • Facility of Auditorium
  • Facility of Labs


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