R.V.M. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Medak

R.V.M. Institute of Medical Sciences- MBBS, MD/MS


RVM Hospital is a premier community health care center, serving a wide range spectrum of patient population with its excellent treatment and care oriented services.
The Hospital is in the nascent stage and yet has become popular for practicing medical excellence and service to the needy at very minimal prices. Hence, it has succeeded in the treating patients from diverse population with considerable empathy. The hospital functions under the aegis of RVM Charitable Trust. The outlook of the society is philanthropic in nature and is registered with Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

There is strong need for Medical Centre in the level of Medical College Hospital to provide primary, secondary and tertiary, medical services for the 26 lakh population residing, at present Siddipet District comprises 46 Revenue Mandals, 5 Municipalities, 1265 villages surrounding of Siddipet District



  • Facility of General Medicine
  • Facility of Library
  • Facility of Cafeteria
  • Facility of Hostel
  • Facility of Sports Complex
  • Facility of Auditorium
  • Facility of Labs


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