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Modern College Of Arts, Science & Commerce- MBA Admissions



Modern College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Ganeshkhind shall aspire to establish itself as an institution of excellence thriving on the tri-pillars of inclusiveness, integrity and innovation. Equipped with advanced infrastructure and empowered with ingenuous minds it shall seek to device customized curricula to meet the growing challenges in higher education. In doing so, the college will offer diverse communities with rich academic experience and open the gates of knowledge and research for all, through successful global partnerships.


  • Cater to students from different socio-economic strata irrespective of caste creed or class
  • Contribute to overall personality development of students through academic, sports, cultural and extension activities.
  • Impart a perfect blend of traditional and modern education
    Inculcate moral values and nurture a compassionate and progressive attitude.
  • Sensitise students about environmental issues and preservation of natural resources so as to contribute to economic growth of the nation
  • Prepare students to face national and international challenges through effective use of ICT
  • Provide adequate infrastructural facilities for practical and theoretical study of curricula.
  • Use technology in acquisition and dissemination of knowledge.
  • Adopt pedagogical techniques which in both skill based and innovative, to promote employability.
  • Promote research temperament among staff and students.
  • Address the needs and concerns of all our stakeholders.
  • Offer academic and social service to community at large

"Our goal is to create and develop "Modern" youth as responsible citizens with multi-dimensional personalities by inculcating among students a blending of cultural awareness, compassionate and progressive attitude, scientific insights and time-tested traditional values".



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