Emilio Aguinoldo College of Medicine

Emilio Aguinoldo College of Medicine- Study MBBS in Philippines


The story of Emilio Aguinaldo College begins with a man who envisions the Filipino youth to be totally educated and trained through arts, sciences and technology. That man, Dr. Paulo C. Campos, one of the very few Filipino National Scientists noted for his work on nuclear medicine, has been recognized and awarded for his numerous researches and publications. He is also credited for establishing the first and best known Radioisotope Laboratory in the Philippines, the first Research Laboratory in the Department of Medicine, University of the Philippines and the Thyroid Clinic of the UP-PGH Medical Center. Emilio Aguinaldo College is an academic community dedicated to the pursuit of TRUTH for the advancement and welfare of humanity. The Mission of Emilio Aguinaldo College is to create an academic environment that will enable the individual to discover and realize his/her full potentials; to offer an inquiry-based, student-centered education relevant to the needs of the local and global community; and to live the values of VIRTUE, EXCELLENCE and SERVICE.



  • Medical Technology
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapy
  • Radiologic Technology
  • Dental Medicine


Food & Accommodation
Per Year (In INR)
Tuition Fee for
BS Program 1st Year
Tuition Fee Per Year for
MD Program
150000 8500 USD 5000 USD 325000

* Amount is subject to change as per the exchange of US$ and Philippines Peso (1 US$ is approx Rs. 68/- and 1 PESO = 1.45/-)


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