Abhinav Education Society's College Of Law, Pune

Private Law College- Abhinav Education Society's College Of Law


Drawing out optimum potential Of each student & harnessing their energy to extract maximum from a vast plethora of knowledge to develop Law Professional of Distinction.

About the Institute
It's my proud privilege to welcome you to Abhinav Education Society's College of Law, Pune.
The world is full of possibilities & in this era of the competitive environment, opportunities for a good career are abundant. Every individual has the potential to become an achiever.
We believe in unlocking the hidden potential, which enable young minds to ascend higher & higher to reach the Pinnacle of success in the corporate world. When you choose us, you become part of a long & rich tradition of academic excellence.
Besides nurturing your skills, a wholesome development of students being provided in our institute is a step towards empowering them to face challenges that lie ahead in competitive world.



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