Vedantaa Institute Of Medical Science, Palghar

Vedantaa Institute of Medical Science- MBBS College


Vedantaa is a private institute, comprising, Vedantaa Institute of Medical Science, Vedantaa Hospital and Research Centre, Dahanu, Maharashtra. This is one of the best teaching and research institute in Maharashtra State recognized by the Medical Council of India for undergraduate degree. Institutional priorities have been medical relief, medical education and research. In spite of having much zeal for the new, there has not been contempt for what is old and therefore, it has been possible for us to offer a balanced blend of preventive, primitive, curative and rehabilitative services to the society. The stress has been on software rather than the hardware, health rather than disease, ethics and equality rather than concern only for a few elite and decentralization and dissemination of services to the unreached rather than centralization of sophistication within the walls of hospital.

Education is much more than the mere collection and distribution of knowledge. It offers intellectual hospitality, opportunities for innovation, creativity; a power of thought and imagination. It envisages the development of character and inculcation of a firmness of mind and zeal to offer one's best to the world. Education is the means of unfolding moral and spiritual potentialities of men. The mission of the Vedantaa Institute of Medical Science, is "To contribute to the socio-economic and ethical development of the nation, by providing high quality education through institution that have dedicated faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure, and are capable of developing competent professional and liberal-minded citizens"

Unremitting zeal, devotion and professional competence of the medical and paramedical personnel have ensured that on completion of study, our young doctors do not want to play God, but they act as a tool in the hands of God to serve humanity.



  • Facility of General Medicine
  • Facility of Library
  • Facility of Cafeteria
  • Facility of Hostel
  • Facility of Sports Complex
  • Facility of Auditorium
  • Facility of Labs


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